Social Virtual Spaces

Connect, communicate, and collaborate in virtual spaces designed for social interaction, networking, and community building.

Horizon Workrooms

Horizon Workrooms Social Virtual Spaces Remote Teams Services Tools Virtual Education and Training Horizon Workrooms offers an immersive virtual office experience, enabling teams to collaborate, share ideas, and connect in a mixed reality environment, whether through VR or a 2D screen. Developer: Meta TRY IT NOW Overview Horizon Workrooms is designed as a virtual […]

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MonteBello Social Virtual Spaces Virtual Events Virtual Real Estate Virtual Education and Training Virtual Tourism and Exploration Virtual Worlds Montebello is an innovative virtual city that offers its citizens a borderless space to start businesses, socialize, and thrive in a diverse and technologically advanced environment. Developer: Created by Justino, MonteBello using Meta Horizon Worlds

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Spatial Digital Art and NFTs E-commerce in Virtual Spaces Gaming Social Virtual Spaces Remote Teams Virtual Education and Training Virtual Events Virtual Real Estate Gaming Spatial transforms the concept of digital space, enabling users to create and explore custom metaverse worlds. It’s a platform where creativity meets community, offering a seamless blend of real-world and

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Fornite Gaming Virtual Events Social Virtual Spaces Fortnite is a dynamic, multiplayer online game known for its battle royale mode, where players compete to be the last one standing in a shrinking play area. Its vibrant, ever-evolving world and diverse game modes offer a rich, engaging experience for players of all skill levels. PC Cloud

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Meta Horizon worlds

Meta Horizon Worlds Social Virtual Spaces Gaming Virtual Events Virtual Education and Training Meta Horizon is a vibrant and expansive virtual reality platform, offering immersive experiences and social interaction within a dynamic digital world. Meta Quest iOS & Android Developer: Meta TRY IT NOW Overview Meta Horizon is a cutting-edge VR platform designed for social

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MonaVerse Social Virtual Spaces Digital Art and NFTs Gaming Tools Virtual Education and Training Virtual Events MonaVerse is a cutting-edge 3D world-building platform and social network for the metaverse, focusing on empowering creators to design, publish, and share immersive experiences using blockchain technology. Developer: MONA TRY IT NOW Overview MonaVerse positions itself as the premier

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The Sandbox

The Sandbox Blockchain Digital Art and NFTs Social Virtual Spaces Gaming Virtual Events Virtual Real Estate E-commerce in Virtual Spaces The Sandbox is a community-driven platform that empowers users to create, own, and monetize voxel-based virtual worlds and gaming experiences on the blockchain. PC & Mac Developer: The Sandbox TRY IT NOW Overview At

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SuperWorld Social Virtual Spaces Blockchain Digital Art and NFTs Virtual Real Estate SuperWorld is an augmented reality (AR) virtual world, overlaid on the real Earth. It offers users the opportunity to buy, sell, and monetize virtual real estate, corresponding to actual geographical locations, while also enabling the creation and interaction with NFTs and digital assets.

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Virtua Social Virtual Spaces Gaming Digital Art and NFTs Virtual Real Estate Virtua is an expansive, hyper-realistic 3D world within the metaverse, offering a blend of social, gaming, and creative experiences. It’s designed to connect fans with brands, provide immersive content experiences, and facilitate community building through various metaverse activities. Developer: Virtua Limited TRY

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