Virtua is an expansive, hyper-realistic 3D world within the metaverse, offering a blend of social, gaming, and creative experiences. It’s designed to connect fans with brands, provide immersive content experiences, and facilitate community building through various metaverse activities.

Developer: Virtua Limited


As a pioneering platform in the metaverse, Virtua Prime is the first planet in the Virtua Metaverse, featuring diverse experiences. It includes innovative offerings like Cardano Island, creating a virtual space for users to explore, interact, and engage in a variety of activities.

  • Multi-platform Accessibility: Desktop, mobile, AR, and VR interfaces.
  • Immersive 3D World: Hyper-realistic environments on Virtua Prime.
  • Diverse User Engagement: For fans, creators, NFT enthusiasts, gamers, and landowners.
  • Web3 Games: Offering additional utility and benefits for owners.
  • Land Ownership: Options to cultivate land plots with varied construction possibilities.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface, accessible via various devices. New users can start by exploring the different islands and participating in community events.

Virtua’s unique approach lies in its hyper-realistic 3D world and diverse user roles. It caters to a wide range of interests from gaming to digital collectibles and social interactions, all within a single metaverse ecosystem.

Virtua fosters a strong community through social interactions, collaborative opportunities, and brand engagements. It encourages users to connect and engage in a shared virtual space.

While specific educational components aren’t detailed, the platform’s immersive environment and interactive features could potentially offer informal learning experiences.

Virtua supports creators by providing tools and opportunities to showcase their work, expand their brand, and engage with fans in novel ways.

The platform hosts various events and activities, allowing users to stay engaged and explore new aspects of the virtual world.

Virtua incorporates a virtual economy with opportunities for transactions, including land sales and NFT collections. The exact details of the transaction mechanisms aren’t specified.

Information about specific accessibility features is not detailed on the site.

The platform likely has security and privacy measures in place, but the specifics are not explicitly mentioned on the website.

The exact system requirements are not listed, but the platform’s accessibility through multiple devices suggests a range of compatibility.

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