Discover how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are shaping the economy and transactions within the metaverse.


Decentraland Blockchain Digital Art and NFTs E-commerce in Virtual Spaces Gaming Virtual Events Virtual Real Estate Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications. Meta Quest (Sidequest) PC & Mac (Browser or Client) Developer: Decentraland TRY IT NOW Overview Decentraland represents

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The Sandbox

The Sandbox Blockchain Digital Art and NFTs Social Virtual Spaces Gaming Virtual Events Virtual Real Estate E-commerce in Virtual Spaces The Sandbox is a community-driven platform that empowers users to create, own, and monetize voxel-based virtual worlds and gaming experiences on the blockchain. PC & Mac Developer: The Sandbox TRY IT NOW Overview At

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SuperWorld Social Virtual Spaces Blockchain Digital Art and NFTs Virtual Real Estate SuperWorld is an augmented reality (AR) virtual world, overlaid on the real Earth. It offers users the opportunity to buy, sell, and monetize virtual real estate, corresponding to actual geographical locations, while also enabling the creation and interaction with NFTs and digital assets.

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Wilder World

Wilder World Social Virtual Spaces Blockchain Digital Art and NFTs Gaming Virtual Real Estate Wilder World is an innovative metaverse that integrates the latest in photorealism, AI, and blockchain technology, offering a unique, decentralized virtual experience. It stands out as a massive multiplayer platform where players have significant control and ownership within its digital ecosystem.

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XANA Social Virtual Spaces Digital Art and NFTs Gaming XANA is an expansive Ethereum sidechain-based Metaverse platform that offers users a diverse virtual experience. It focuses on enabling users to create, explore, and monetize their digital assets and experiences within a decentralized, user-owned virtual space. Developer: XANA TRY IT NOW Overview XANA presents itself as

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