XANA is an expansive Ethereum sidechain-based Metaverse platform that offers users a diverse virtual experience. It focuses on enabling users to create, explore, and monetize their digital assets and experiences within a decentralized, user-owned virtual space.

Developer: XANA


XANA presents itself as a revolutionary virtual space that caters to various activities, including lifestyle creation, economic zones, and digital asset management. The platform supports access through smartphones, PCs, and VR, emphasizing user customization and economic activity within the virtual world.

  • Land Ownership and Monetization: Users can own virtual land, stake for rewards, and host gaming tournaments, creating revenue opportunities.
  • Accessibility: Available on iOS, with Android and PC versions planned, enhancing cross-platform accessibility.
  • Customization: Built-in avatar builder allows users to personalize their virtual appearance.
  • Economic Activities: Facilitates economic transactions, with virtual lands being tradable and rentable.
  • Community and Partnership: Collaborations with various sectors, including tourism, entertainment, and local governments.

The platform is accessible via the XANA app, available for iOS users, with an Android version in development.
Users can explore and participate in the Metaverse with up to 15 simultaneous connections in one world.

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