Virtual Worlds

Step into the metaverse’s virtual realms and explore a diverse array of platforms and spaces. This category provides in-depth information about the unique features, experiences, and communities within different virtual worlds that make up the metaverse.


MonteBello Social Virtual Spaces Virtual Events Virtual Real Estate Virtual Education and Training Virtual Tourism and Exploration Virtual Worlds Montebello is an innovative virtual city that offers its citizens a borderless space to start businesses, socialize, and thrive in a diverse and technologically advanced environment. Developer: Created by Justino, MonteBello using Meta Horizon Worlds […]

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Meta Horizon worlds

Meta Horizon Worlds Social Virtual Spaces Gaming Virtual Events Virtual Education and Training Meta Horizon is a vibrant and expansive virtual reality platform, offering immersive experiences and social interaction within a dynamic digital world. Meta Quest iOS & Android Developer: Meta TRY IT NOW Overview Meta Horizon is a cutting-edge VR platform designed for social

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VRChat Social Virtual Spaces Gaming Virtual Events E-commerce in Virtual Spaces VRChat offers an expansive virtual world where users can interact, play games, and create their own environments and avatars. It’s a community-driven universe where anything is possible and social VR is redefined. Meta Quest, Steam VR & Viveport Steam Developer: VRChat Inc. TRY IT

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Resonite Social Virtual Spaces Virtual Education and Training Remote Teams Tools Gaming Resonite is a versatile digital universe, inviting users to engage in socializing, creation, and exploration in a customizable virtual environment, blending real-time communication, creative tools, and multiplayer experiences. Steam VR PC Developer: Yellow Dog Man Studios S.R.O. TRY IT NOW Overview This

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Sinespace Virtual Worlds Sinespace is the perfect virtual playground for you to hang out in! Customise any avatar; make a human, monster or animal with a unique look. Grab a bunch of friends to play games with, explore all the beautiful regions or just relax in your home. Get your VR gear on and

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SculptrVR Virtual Worlds Create sprawling, brilliant worlds and explore them with your friends! Invite your friends to an online game, then race to the finish with hang-gliders, or switch to climbing mode for even more fun. Discover thousands of amazing creations in the interactive gallery then remix them however you want! When you’re happy with

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Remio VR

Remio VR Virtual Worlds Remio is designed to create interactive collaborative experiences between teams. Our platform comes equipped with instant onboarding, screen sharing and screen recording amenities. There are VR collaborative social experiences and games designed to enhance culture and wellness amongst teams. Step into the Remio platform – a space where you can

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Redpill VR

Redpill VR Community & Events We are super excited to share our updated early access events in Aurora, Redpill’s ZeroG Forest. Our upcoming testing events will be focusing primarily on core components, avatar permutations, network multiplayer stability, VOIP & communication optimization, spatial audio systems and streaming capabilities. This will help us optimize our Redpill

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OXFORD MEDICAL SIMULATION Health Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) design, build and deliver virtual reality healthcare training. Using VR headsets, learners can practice in immersive, fully-interactive clinical scenarios as if in real life. They then receive personalized feedback and can repeat as often as they like to improve performance. These scenarios deliver consistently excellent, standardized