SuperWorld is an augmented reality (AR) virtual world, overlaid on the real Earth. It offers users the opportunity to buy, sell, and monetize virtual real estate, corresponding to actual geographical locations, while also enabling the creation and interaction with NFTs and digital assets.

Developer: SuperWorld


Founded in 2017 by Hrish Lotlikar and Max Woon, inspired by the success of Pokemon Go, SuperWorld is a vision of a digital layer atop the real world. Users can interact with a wide range of digital content, including holograms, photos, videos, and NFTs. SuperWorld’s unique proposition is its blending of AR, VR, and blockchain technologies, aiming to enhance real-world experiences rather than replacing them.

  • Digital real estate trading on a map mirroring the real world.
  • NFT creation and interaction, with a focus on real-world utility.
  • AR content overlay, allowing for immersive experiences.
  • Integration of blockchain technology for secure transactions.
  • A commitment to benefiting the real world, such as tree planting initiatives.

As a reviewer, specifics about the user onboarding process weren’t directly accessible, but the platform seems to emphasize ease of use, especially in interacting with AR content and participating in the virtual real estate market.

SuperWorld’s unique blend of AR, VR, and blockchain stands out. It’s not just about creating a digital space but enhancing the physical world with digital overlays. The focus on real-world impact, like environmental initiatives, adds a tangible value to the virtual interactions.

SuperWorld appears to foster a vibrant community of users, artists, and developers, engaged in creating and sharing digital content. However, specific details about community features or forums were not explicitly found.

While SuperWorld seems to have a strong creative and technological aspect, explicit educational or training components were not detailed in the available information.

SuperWorld empowers users and brands to create diverse AR content, including digital art displayed in virtual spaces. The platform encourages creativity and offers tools for developing and showcasing digital assets.

The platform features various events and activities, although specific upcoming events were not detailed in the reviewed sources.

SuperWorld incorporates a blockchain-based economy, enabling users to deal in virtual real estate and NFTs. The platform seems to prioritize secure and transparent transactions, although detailed information on transaction mechanisms wasn’t available.

Details regarding specific accessibility features were not found, though the AR focus suggests a certain level of accessibility in terms of digital content interaction.

While the use of blockchain suggests a focus on security and privacy, specific measures taken by SuperWorld to protect user data and privacy were not detailed in the sources.

Exact technical specifications for using SuperWorld were not provided, but the AR and VR elements suggest the need for compatible devices and possibly an internet connection.

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