Spatial transforms the concept of digital space, enabling users to create and explore custom metaverse worlds. It’s a platform where creativity meets community, offering a seamless blend of real-world and virtual elements for free.

Developer: Spatial Systems, Inc.


Spatial is a pioneering platform in the metaverse domain, facilitating the creation of custom worlds. It serves as a canvas for designers, artists, and creators to bring their visions to life, from fashion showcases to art galleries, without the constraints of physical resources.

  • Custom Metaverse Worlds Creation: Design worlds with unique geographical features, climates, and biomes.
  • Collaborative Spaces: Support for real-time collaboration across global distances using digital avatars.
  • Live Events and Demonstrations: Host events with up to 50 participants in custom-designed spaces.
  • Content Integration: Easy upload of videos, 3D models, and images, with support for gITF models and PBR materials.
  • Multi-platform Support: Accessible via web browsers, mobile apps, and VR headsets like Meta Quest.
  • Virtual Real Estate & NFTs: Opportunities for digital commerce through land purchase, trading, and rental.

Signing up and creating metaverse spaces on Spatial is straightforward and free. The platform offers pre-built templates, advanced customization tools, and the option to integrate real-world scans into virtual spaces.

Spatial’s unique blend of collaborative, creative, and commercial capabilities sets it apart. It supports a wide range of applications from interior design to urban planning, making it a versatile tool for both professionals and hobbyists.

Spatial fosters community by providing a platform for shared experiences, whether through attending virtual events, showcasing digital art, or collaborating on projects.

By enabling realistic simulations and collaborative environments, Spatial serves as a valuable tool for educational purposes, skill development, and training in various fields.

Spatial empowers users with tools for content creation, from designing immersive environments to hosting virtual exhibitions, encouraging creativity and innovation.

The platform hosts a variety of events and activities, from art exhibitions to live demonstrations, inviting global participation.

Spatial introduces a digital economy, allowing users to engage in transactions such as purchasing, trading, or renting virtual land, with transparency in ownership and value.

While specific accessibility features are not detailed, the platform’s wide range of access points (web, mobile, VR) suggests an inclusive approach to user engagement.

The website emphasizes a commitment to user privacy and data protection, although specific security measures are not explicitly outlined.

  • Accessible via web browsers, mobile apps, and VR headsets.
  • Compatibility with VR requires specific hardware such as the Meta Quest.

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