Horizon Workrooms

Horizon Workrooms offers an immersive virtual office experience, enabling teams to collaborate, share ideas, and connect in a mixed reality environment, whether through VR or a 2D screen.

Developer: Meta


Horizon Workrooms is designed as a virtual space for teams to meet, brainstorm, and work together efficiently, regardless of physical location. It bridges the gap between virtual reality and traditional video conferencing, offering a new dimension to remote work.

  • Collaboration: Seamless teamwork in both 2D and VR, with features like screen sharing, messaging, and virtual whiteboards.
  • Productivity: Integration with physical computer screens, desks and keyboards via the Meta Quest Remote Desktop app, allowing for a blended virtual and physical workspace.
  • Community: Spatial audio and expressive avatars create a more natural and immersive communication experience.
  • Flexibility: Customizable meeting rooms to suit various needs, from presentations to brainstorming sessions.
  • Accessibility: Joinable from anywhere, with or without VR equipment, including direct integration with Zoom for broader meeting participation.

Users can sign up or log in through the Horizon Workrooms website, with the option to download the app for a more integrated experience. Setting up involves choosing the right hardware (Meta Quest headsets) and familiarizing oneself with the virtual office environment.

Horizon Workrooms stands out for its integration of virtual reality into everyday work processes, offering a unique blend of virtual and physical elements for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

While primarily focused on collaboration and productivity, the immersive nature of Horizon Workrooms can serve as an innovative tool for training and educational purposes, especially in remote learning scenarios.

Users can create and share content within the platform, utilizing features like the persistent whiteboard and file sharing to foster a collaborative creative process.

Horizon Workrooms supports various team activities and meetings, with features designed to accommodate events within the virtual office space.

The platform itself is free, with no direct mention of an internal economy or transaction system.

Designed to be accessible from both VR and 2D platforms, allowing for broad participation across different devices and setups.

Meta emphasizes privacy and security within Horizon Workrooms, although specific measures are not detailed in the provided overview.

  • Meta Quest headsets for the full VR experience.
  • Compatibility with PC (Windows 10/11) and macOS (10.15 or later) for the Meta Quest Remote Desktop app.

For the most current and official information, please visit the official website.

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